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Angel Incense
Angel Incense
Angel Incense
Angel Incense
Angel Incense
Angel Incense

Moon Flower Healing

Angel Incense

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Angel Incense Collection:

Guardian Angel
"Blue and bright is your loving protection to get my day safely started. Wrap your wings around me so I feel gloriously guarded."

Angel of Power
"Gold is the holy source of eternal strength like the sun rising high. Spread your glowing wings and teach me to stand tall before I fly."

Angel of Light
"Blue wings for the nights where my soul wonders in search for your divine light. Clear my vision while you carry me so I can shine bright."

Angel of Cleansing
"Only your green wings promises clarity and fresh oxygen to my heart. Please purify my house and mind and bless a brand new start."

Angel Guide
"I need your orange wings to lead me home to my soul, my inner guide. For you know whats good for me and make my choices right."

Green Tree premium masala incense sticks are natural and hand rolled using mixtures of herbs, gums, resins, woods and oils.

These fragrances have been carefully made according to traditional Indian recipes.