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Headache + Migraine Kit

moon flower tumbled stones

Headache + Migraine Kit

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6 Intuitively selected and reiki charged tumbled stones assisting you to ease headaches and migraines.

AA grade Amethyst helps to relieve headaches as well as fatigue and exhaustion which can often be the caused of your headache/migraine.

AAA grade Lapis Lazuli has a calming energy that opens the third eye chakra and resolves imbalances. These imbalances may cause headaches/ migraines and unpleasant associated symptoms. It is a brilliant stone for getting relief.

AA grade Smoky Quartz relieves headaches, back pain, eases muscular spasms and tension in the neck and shoulders.

A grade Moonstone is a direct link to luna energy, this makes this stone a great choice when suffering from headaches related to premenstrual tension, hormonal imbalance or periods.

AAA grade Clear Quartz has a high vibrational energy that is so effective at relieving pain and general healing that it is referred to as the "master healer".

Sugilite will help assist in easing headaches, pain and discomfort. It is a great stone to carry to bring your mind, body and spirit back in alignment.