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Natural Apache Tears
Natural Apache Tears

Moon Flower Healing

Natural Apache Tears

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Apache Tears can be a comforting, grounding presence in your life as you work through your healing process.

When we experience trauma, our emotions can get stuck or frozen in our bodies.

Apache Tears help this frozen river of emotion start to flow again and release locked up grief.

They are ideal to carry when you are doing grief work, trauma recovery, or therapy for old emotional wounds.

Apache tears is the popular term for rounded pebbles of obsidian composed of black or dark-colored natural volcanic glass.

Volcanic glass is formed by rapid chilling of liquid lava when it comes into contact with the atmosphere, water, or cooler adjacent rocks.

“Apache Tears Legend”

The name Apache Tears came from a haunting story of the Apache Tribe.

In the 1870s, the military launched a surprise attack against an Apache tribe.

The attack took place on a cliff that overlooks what is now Superior, Arizona.

Nearly 50 of the band of 75 Apaches were killed immediately.

Facing defeat, the remaining Apache warriors rode their horses off the cliff face to their deaths rather than be killed by the white man.

The Apache Women and family of those who had died gathered a short distance from the base of the cliff, and for a moon they wept for their dead.

It is said that whoever owns an Apache Tear Drop will never have to cry again, for the Apache Women have shed their tears in place of yours.